The Aetrex mission is to create the healthiest shoes on the market today. With fashion, function and quality at the forefront, Aetrex designs and manufactures casual, dress, sandal, athletic and therapeutic footwear for both men and women. All styles are crafted with care to meet the highest standards in design, incorporate cutting edge technologies and offer unmatched customization and adjustability.
All Alegria models feature a stable, rocker outsole that is engineered to roll naturally, reducing heel and central metatarsal pressure. The flat bottom makes it easy to walk in while encouraging proper posture and normal gait, and many models are available in wide widths. The removable leather insole is anatomically correct to form to the natural shape of your foot and distribute weight more evenly. In other words, as you walk comfortably, you ROCK!
Alivio shoes are road tested and designed with you in mind, ensuring they meet a variety of fitting requirements and are constantly improving to better suit your needs. Their collections are designed in partnership with podiatrists and health professionals to ensure optimum support for every foot, eliminating those tired, aching end-of-day feet we all despise.
Made from sumptuously soft leathers, Andrea Conti footwear is a super-stylish option for those seeking premium quality and comfort.
Ara has been renowned for a wide variety of shoe fashions of the highest quality, combining attractive design with perfect fit. Our feet have plenty to put up with, and any stress on them can have a detrimental effect on the whole body. A variety of features ensure that ara shoes stay comfortable even with prolonged wearing.
These amazing models from Arcopedico feature soft and stretchy materials that will keep anyone's feet happy. If you need lots of toe room without sacrificing solid arch support, you have to give these shoes a try!
Life is a journey. Just ask the two flight attendants who founded baggallini. They wanted a travel companion, something stylish with plenty of pockets to help them move from place to place. So on their next trip they found some people who could help them make exactly that. Soon the cabin crew all wanted to know where they got their baggs, with the passengers not far behind. Before they knew it, they were sitting around their kitchen table, not just making baggs but making a business.
Cork. Leather. A buckle or two. A simple idea that’s made feet happy for over two hundred years. That’s the original Birkenstock. Made in Germany since 1774 (with a few minor design tweaks in the meantime). No smoke. No mirrors. No gizmos. You walk, the shoe molds to your foot. You feel good. We feel good. That’s the deal.
Blundstone was established in Tasmania in 1870, with the belief that nothing is more beautiful than a pair of boots that keeps you safe. Since then, it has grown to become one of the world's most recognizable boot brands, with head offices and manufacturing still taking place in Australia's island state. Blundstone holds the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance for products beneficial to foot health.
Weather-friendly, durable and fashion-forward, Bos & Co boots offer great-looking comfort for walking all day through any conditions.
Brooks is renowned worldwide for their revolutionary running shoes, delivering a great fit for many foot types as well as exceptional cushioning and biomechanical performance. Whether you're running, walking, working, or just on the go, every pair of Brooks is tested to provide comfort for your feet and legs no matter what surface you're up against.
Cadence are for those who want a supportive insole with greater shock-absorbing comfort in the heel and forefoot while running, walking, hiking, standing, and working.
Born on the river in 1989, Chaco builds premium footwear for the outdoor-minded. As a result of the brand's proprietary LUVSEAT footbed, the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has awarded the Seal of Acceptance to all Chaco footwear styles.
Since 1948, Cougar has been designing and manufacturing footwear in Ontario, Canada specifically to keep feet dry and comfortable. They use special tanning and waterproofing techniques with advanced cushioning technology to make sure all their products are durable and feel great.
For nearly 100 years, Danner has crafted their boots with heritage design, rugged durability and go-anywhere performance.
When wife and husband team, Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup discovered their perfect barn shoe in a tiny shop in Denmark, they just had to share the shoes with their friends. When their friends tried them on, they told their friends. Today, Dansko sells more than just the original clogs, but every style still features the original Dansko DNA - materials and construction carefully selected to promote good foot, leg and back health.
Family owned and operated, all Darn Tough socks are made in Vermont with the finest raw materials from within the USA and abroad. Darn Tough is proud to use the latest knitting technology and employ the best-trained and hardest-working people anywhere. So confident are they in their craftsmanship and quality that Darn Tough unconditionally guarantees their socks for a lifetime.
The innovators at Deckers X Lab design not just footwear but FLOW WEAR, featuring evolved “Xperiences” for the new ways humans move. Comfort is the priority for every piece of gear that comes out of the Lab. From there, each idea is analyzed, optimized, and stylized for performance and sustainability.
The first pair of Dr. Martens 1460 boots rolled off the production line on April 1st, 1960 and they've been making them ever since. Dr. Martens have become a design classic, adopted by a succession of sub-cultures as a symbol of personal self-expression, individuality and standing for something.
True passion is essential to making great shoes. From design to production and retail, Ecco applies the utmost attention to detail. Ecco builds its success on uncompromising quality, innovative technology and design. Throughout their history, Ecco's philosophy has been to make shoes that are shaped to fit the foot, not the other way around.
The Merino wool, leather and Australian sheepskin used to create EMU Australia footwear are renewable, biodegradable and 100% natural as well as next-to-skin soft.
Eric Michael shoes offer a variety of styles for many occasions. Made in both Spain and Portugal, Eric Michael shoes and sandals are the latest in contemporary European design. Eric Michael shoes are crafted with only the finest quality leathers and fabrics that allows the shoes and sandals be flexible and comfortable.
Fly London is a Hip Unique brand that enjoys mixing vintage styling with fun bright colors and comfortable footbeds to create unique designs that cater to today's woman. Fly London's motto is "always progressive, never conventional". Fly London doesn't follow any crowd and is constantly creating new and exciting designs that challenge visual and technical norms. Fly London is a global brand with a sophisticated customer base where age does not matter!
Walking or Running in Hoka shoes is like nothing you've ever experienced. By combining a heavily cushioned midsole, a meta-rocker and an Active Foot Frame, you cannot help but feel the positive impact these shoes have on your stride and the unbelievable comfort that results. Not only do Hoka Shoes offer premium cushioning to increase shock absorption, they also provide an incredible amount of stability through a wide-framed foundation of support that can reduce the rate of both pronation and supination. This combination of support and comfort will have you saying, "Why run when you can fly?"
Hot Sox specializes in unique blends of pop-culture and art that make their designs a premium choice for dress socks. Whether you're looking for classic patterns, the latest fashions, crazy designs or unique dress socks to complete your look, know that they'll always have you covered.
The designers at Ilse Jacobsen combine the best of current trends with classic elements and functional comfort solutions, all without ever compromising on quality. Their footwear is made for standout style, enabling women to go their own way in shoes that feel as great as they look.
Injinji created a sock anatomically designed to your foot, and the five-toe sleeve design allows your toes to splay naturally and align properly, enabling greater stability and more comfort. They use superior fibers that are durable, light, and flexible to offer superior breathability, which means cool, dry, and comfortable feet. Intended to create a sock that fits naturally, protects from blisters and is so comfortable you forget you're wearing socks. That's the way it should be.
One of the finest vegan leather brands around, Joy Susan is constantly working to develop new pieces that maintain their high standards for material, durability, and craftsmanship.
Produced in Spain, Jungla shoes provide a colorful look that's fun and practical along with a flexible, lightweight sole for all-day walkability.
KEEN is a values-led, independently owned footwear brand creating original and versatile products to fit a diverse range of lifestyles. We are proud to provide our customers with Keen’s durable Utility line, tested on the job for a cushioned fit that works for you.
LOWA Boots makes a full line of outdoor boots, from mountaineering boots to backpacking and hiking boots to lightweight trail runners. They are committed to a tradition of sensible and sustainable manufacturing. All LOWA boots are produced in Europe, following the strictest environmental laws in the world.
Merrell has a storied history of creating the confidence to head outdoors and go and seek and do. Through durable, superb-quality footwear and apparel, they take their design and product innovation seriously.
Myra "up-cycled" bags are a treat for nature lovers, offering a range of beautiful and unique desgins made from repurposed and eco-friendly canvas, leather and hides.
Each Naot shoe is handmade with the finest and highest quality of raw materials combined with superior standards of advanced design. Naot footwear comes in a magnificent array of eye-catching styles and colors to satisfy every taste. Naot's uniquely engineered insoles are a blend of natural latex and cork that are designed to replicate the shape of the foot, just like the footprint we leave when walking the sand. Naot shoes allow you to walk in both style and comfort.
New Balance sneakers are designed for a variety of foot sizes and types to provide high performance and superior comfort while standing, walking and running.
NuPouch purses are a supremely practical companion for everyday use, exotic travel and anything in between. Made of neoprene, these purses clean easily, come in a range of beautiful patterns and are great for protecting your expensive gadgets.
Inspired by a love of the trail, Oboz creates outdoor footwear that's remarkably durable, comfortable, and always worthy of the journey ahead.
A leader among compression bracing products, OC1st makes a variety of compression sleeves to keep you comfortable on the job, enhance your athletic performance and help prevent injury.
It started as a different approach to a footwear company. OluKai wanted to create footwear that combines durability for the waterman, ocean lifestyle, and a brand that has strong values and roots with style, comfort, and craftsmanship.
Each On Foot shoe passes through ten different hands during manufacturing. It's not just any old question. Working in this way, skin on skin, we manage to mould the most refined materials to our taste. After decades of experience, our philosophy has barely changed. The constant search for renewal through daily work has a single aim: a shoe that combines quality, comfort and exclusive design.
On-Running provides a new running sensation, and one that puts fun firmly center-stage. Move freely as if barefoot, but protected from the shock of landing on the road. This means less impact, shorter ground contact time and good running form for a swift takeoff. Run more naturally with comfort, speed and no adaption time.
Pikolinos design is so meticulous that every small detail has a significant role to play. Textures, buckles and decorative elements create the perfect blend of trend and craftsmanship to form Pikolinos' identity. The combination of these elements makes Pikolinos most classic models current, offering variety and elegance to all kinds of women.
Porronet is a three-generation, family-run artisan business in Spain creating comfortable shoes and sandals that reflect the essence of contemporary Mediterranean style.
Regarde La Ciel creates a craftsmanship based on correctly elaborated and processed materials. They purchase natural leather without finishing and work the leather with environmentally friendly methods which were previously used in Italy. The essence of Regarde Le Ciel shoes is in the carefully selected leathers.
A sister company of the classic European fashion footwear brand Rieker, Remonte is committed to providing a modern aesthetic along with superior comfort. You’ll love how Remonte combines the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship used by Rieker for the last 100 years with a look that’s cool, casual, and fashionable.
Rieker shoes and boots are not merely decorative, fashionable, products. Their functional features mean they offer much more than that. Every shoe incorporates Rieker's special construction and utilizes lightweight and elastic components to achieve their special antistress features.
Salinger is our premium-quality private-label men's brand that uses the best leathers and textiles for stylish, great-fitting casual and dress footwear.
Samuel Hubbard shoes are designed around function, first and foremost. Comfort engineering is at the heart of how they design and build Samuel Hubbard shoes. They begin by taking the time to develop perfect fitting lasts the form a shoe is shaped around. Unlike many other shoe companies that rush new looks to market every six months, they give themselves the time to refine every aspect of our shoes to achieve wonderful comfort.
Comfort and quality are the cornerstones of SAS, a family-owned company that handcrafts their shoes in the USA using only the softest, most premium leathers.
Their hometown of Santa Cruz, California is the source of our inspiration with its prominent culture valuing creativity, independence, and community. Designed with love by in-house artists, Socksmith socks weave together top-quality designs and materials, tailored to fit every taste, lifestyle, and smile.
Spring Step footwear is designed with the quality and craftsmanship of true European tradition. Spring Step combines quality, comfort, technology and style to bring you everything that is important in a shoe. Driven by the mission to deliver a product that provides an extraordinary experience for your feet and provide that experience for every occasion in your life. Comfort in Every Step.
Taos believes in the perfect balance between shoes that look great and feel even better. Packed with oohs, the comments they get, and aahs, the feeling they give you. Their mission is to intrigue with things you haven't seen before, as well as surprise and delight. Inspired by the natural warmth and vibrancy of the New Mexico landscape, Taos footwear is embellished with rich fabrics, earthy stones, rugged buckles, playful embroidery and intricate stitching. Try a pair soon to see why this fresh brand of amazing footwear is taking the comfort world by storm!
Teva was born in the Grand Canyon back in 1984, when a river guide rigged two Velcro watchbands to an old pair of flip flops and created a shoe that wouldn't float away. Three decades later, they've grown up into an icon of comfort and utilitarian style.
Walk on cloud-like cushioning in Traq sneakers by pioneer comfort brand Alegria. With an ergonomic interior system designed to conform to the foot’s own contours, the Traq provides exceptional comfort and arch support to relieve stress on the legs, hips, and back. Plus, you can accurately count every step with a smartchip embedded right in your shoe that connects to your smartphone.
The UGG Collection fuses the timeless craft of Italian shoemaking with the reliable magic of sheepskin, bringing the luxurious feel of UGG to high end fashion. The roots of UGG can be traced back to the sandy beaches of Byron Bay, where Australian surfers began wearing sheepskin footwear for warmth between sessions. In 1978, Brian Smith landed in Southern California with a bag of sheepskin boots and hope.
Created to make rainy days more interesting, the Vinrella "umbrella in a wine bottle" is not just a clever novelty but also a bold expression of art and design.
Enjoy natural relief and ease of movement through each day - in confidence and comfort! Vionic with Orthaheel Technology brings science plus style to new heights. Orthaheel technology provides biomechanically contoured support concealed within contemporary designs ranging from sporty casuals to ballet flats and wedges.
For more than 60 years in the leather-shoe market, Wirth has maintained the commitment to offer shoes with quality and elegance to female feet. It has been six decades of investments in technologies, researches, production capacity and appreciation of human being, which reflect on the well-being of whom acquires a shoe produced by the company.
Sustainable, breathable, lightweight and washable, Woolloomooloo shoes are made with 100% Australian Merino wool. This footwear offers stylish and easy-to-wear comfort that naturally keeps your feet cool in the heat and warm in the cold.